3/26/18 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Whitney Houston Meets Michael Jackson In Heaven!


Whitney Houston meets Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix and John Lennon in heaven.  Continue reading


If you miss the All Star Weekend The Boondocks are a slam dunk Created by Aaron McGruder based upon his comic strip of the same name, the adult animated sitcom series premiered on November 6, 2005 on Cartoon Network’s late night Adult Swim. 

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12/26/17 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: ADUMU- Inspirational Animation by Adam Temple & Sheridan

A Young R.U.F. boy discovers the true meaning of ‘being a man’ through an encounter with a young Masai warrior…and a lion. Continue reading

10/9/17 O&A NYC THIS WEEK: The Ugly Truth About Christopher Columbus

Growing up, we were all taught that Columbus discovered America. However, this is not the case at all. Columbus got lost looking for India, and instead landed in the Caribbean. Continue reading

9/12/17 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Bill Cosby’s Fat Albert Spanish Fly- The Lost Episode

Bill Cosby’s Fat Albert Spanish Fly The Lost Episode has surfaced. It finds Fat Albert showing the gang how he get cartoon girls to give some … Hey, Hey, Hey. Continue reading

9/5/17 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Welcome Back To School- Jamaican cartoon: news and views

As the new school year begins principals all over the world (including Jamaica) welcome students back. Continue reading

8/20/17 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Actual Trump Quotes Read By Cartoon Donald Trump

Cartoon Donald Trump brings life to the strangest quotes from an interview the President’s recently gave with the Cartoon Donald Trump all Street Journal.

Actual Trump Quotes Read By Cartoon Donald Trump


7/26/17 O&A NYC WILDIN OUT WEDNESDAY: Black Dynamite – “Diff’rent Folks, Same Strokes” or “The Hunger Pang Games”

In Black Dynamite – Diff’rent Folks, Same Strokes or “The Hunger Pang Games Child Services is finally on to the Whorephanage and slaps them with a shutdown notice!
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