New York City in late spring, and the city is in full bloom. We have art blossoming in Uptown and Midtown, dance swirls around Lincoln Center and Chelsea, female jewels thieves stealing the movie box office and Denzel on Broadway. Here are a few of the many events happening in the city that never sleeps guaranteed to keep you Out and About. Continue reading

4/6/18 (REPOST) O&A NYC LIFESTYLE/DANCE: Geoffrey Holder A True Renaissance Man


Congratulation to Dance Theatre Of Harlem, Carmen de Lavallade and Leo Holder, Dougla was “simply marvelous”. This video honors Geoffrey Holder- a true renaissance man. It also includes rare footage and interviews with wife Carmen de Lavallade and son Leo Holder.  Continue reading


Spring Break is here! And the city is abounding with activity “24- 7- 365”. We have art celebrating popular culture in Harlem. Ballet, modern and more throughout the city. Blockbuster and Indie film share the silver screen,  jazz to Motown grooves Midtown and the world’s most exotic cars hit the westside. Here are a few of the many events happening in the city that never sleeps guaranteed to keep you Out and About. Continue reading

2/19/19 O&A NYC SONG OF THE DAY: Janet Jackson- Love Will Never Do (Without You)

Janet Jackson’s Love Will Never Do (Without You) was more than a video, here Janet came into her own.  Continue reading

8/13/17 O&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: Tyson Beckford Stripped To The Bone Styled by Ty-Ron Mayes

Supermodel Tyson Beckford stars in this artistic short film. It features Tyson’s return to modeling as one of the original Supermodels. Continue reading

(REPOST) 7/11/15 O&A Its Saturday- Anything Goes: ESPN The full Monty ( The Complete Body Issue)

It is Saturday


The annual ESPN Body Issue hit the newsstands Friday. The Issue celebrates  twenty-four athletes of every shape and size, and they are willing to bare it all — not just their muscled physique, but also their honesty about the insecurities anyone can face, even the fittest among us.  Continue reading

1/6/17 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez SONG OF THE DAY: Keep It In The Closet

By Adewale Adekanbi

Keep It In The Closet, the sepia colored music video, directed by Herb Ritts, Michael Jackson is seen dancing with supermodel Naomi Campbell. The video was filmed in late March 1992 in Salton Sea, California and premiered on April 23, 1992. Continue reading

9/1/16 O&A NYC WITH Walestylez FASHION: The New Order- Willow and Jaden Smith

14199432_1755023018069089_4422298446092110022_n-2Willow and Jaden Smith remain on the cutting edge of fashion. In an article by fellow fashionista Pharrell Williams the talented brother and sister duo express their fashion savvy. Continue reading

1/5/15 O&A NYC Inspirational Tuesday: one



one: an inspiring story of how to overcome loneliness to find your passion and follow your dreams.  The story is an insight into one teen’s loneliness during the periods of high school and post-secondary education. The film depicts a time where he finds himself, and the key to breaking out of his lonely mindset, and show how photography and The One Project saved it.  Continue reading

11/19/15 O&A NYC ART: A Video Preview Of The Herb Ritts Supermodel Photography Exhibition

By Walter Rutledge


In the spring of 2014 The Edwynn Houk Gallery,745 Fifth Avenue, presented an exhibition of rare, vintage photographs by celebrated American photographer Herb Ritts. The exhibition focused exclusively on the five models in his iconic work, Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Naomi, Hollywood, 1989. O&A NYC shares images from the exhibition that capture the supermodel era of the 80’s and early 90’s. Continue reading