4/6/19 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Building Muscle/Burning Fat After 40 While (Dumbbell Workout)

Funk Roberts takes you through a dumbbell workout designed for men over the age of 40 to increase testosterone and growth hormones while burning calories…build muscle while you shred fat. Continue reading

6/16/18 O&A NYC GRILLING FOR THE WEEKEND: Grilled Lobster with Basil Butter

Grilled Lobster in Basil Butter is a fun, easy, and jaw dropping centerpiece for your summer grilling.  Continue reading

3/18/18 HEALTH AND FITNESS: Ulisses Williams Jr. The King Of Aesthetics

Ulisses Williams Jr. is known for his shredded 8-pack, Ulisses Jr succeeded in achieving one of the greatest physiques in the world. Continue reading

11/17/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: 10 Strongest Athletes Who Look Like Bodybuilders

Here are 10 athletes from basketball to track and field that could have become bodybuilders. Continue reading

9/5/17 O&A NYC TUESDAY WORKOUT-HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Nelly’s Workout- Celebrity Sweat

The rapper Nelly has a good muscular physique, but don’t ever think that Nelly got this spectacular “lean muscular body” by accident.  Continue reading

7/20/17 O&A NYC GRILLING FOR THE WEEKEND: Grilled Chipotle Peach BBQ Ribs

Fresh peaches and chipotle chilies add flavor to grilled ribs in a spectacularly savory way. The perfect ribs for a summery backyard BBQ! Continue reading

7/18/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS TUESDAY WORKOUT: Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson Workout 2017

Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson share his total body workout, so you too can be fast and furious. Continue reading

7/13/17 O&A NYC GRILLING FOR THE WEEKEND: 7-Pepper Crusted Striploin

7-Pepper Crusted Striploin takes your grilling experience up a notch with a striploin unlike any other. Continue reading

7/6/17 O&A NYC GRILLING FOR THE WEEKEND: Stuffed Grilled Red Snapper

This Stuffed Grilled Red Snapper recipe has been given a distinct island twist – a Jamaican variation on ceviche, a dish popular in the Latin American countries. Continue reading