8/15/18 O&A NYC LBGTQ: 21st Annual NYC Black Pride (August 14- August 19, 2018)

New York City Black Pride 2018 celebrates its 21st anniversary this year! This annual multicultural festival is one of the biggest events celebrating Black and Latino LGBT people in the city.  Continue reading

8/15/18 O&A NYC WILDIN OUT WEDNESDAY: POSE- Category is Royalty (Robbery And Ball Scene)

POSE (Pilot)-  From Season 1, Episode 1 (Premired Sunday, June 3, 9:00 p.m. ) featuring Mj Rodriguez as Blanca, Dominique Jackson as Elektra and Jason A. Rodriguez as Lemar.  Continue reading

3/18/18 HEALTH AND FITNESS: Ulisses Williams Jr. The King Of Aesthetics

Ulisses Williams Jr. is known for his shredded 8-pack, Ulisses Jr succeeded in achieving one of the greatest physiques in the world. Continue reading

12/26/17 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Alte Zachen – Set To Howard A. Robert Arrangement Of Rocka My Soul In The Bosom of Abraham

Alte Zachen, Choreography by Nadav Zelner featuring dancers Réginald Lefebvre and Alessio Marchini set to Howard A. Robert renowned arrangement of Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham with costumes by Ofir Hazan. Continue reading