12/30/17 O&A NYC IT’S SATURDAY ANYTHING GOES: Pumpkin vs KitKat | Top 10 Battles of 2017

Flexing was born in the Brooklyn basements in the 1990’s and exploded across the city to become an internationally recognized dance style. The presentational nature of the dance battle share elements with West African dance. The competitive and athletic performance/battle is usually performed in the round, with a raucous audience cheering the participants/combatants. The heavy use of improvisation and physical call and response also mirrors another American art form with African roots- Jazz.  Continue reading

5/3/16 O&A NYC SHALL WE DANCE FRIDAY: BattleFest 35- D Money vs Doc

Shall We Dancehqdefault

BattleFest League Extreme Street Dancing came from the gritty streets of Brooklyn (that’s the gritty streets before gentrification). The style is part structured dance, improvisation, contortion and acrobatics, while remaining 100% testosterone charged. BattleFest is a dance battle sports leagues for extreme street dancers. 

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