10/5/18 O&A NYC SHALL WE DANCE FRIDAY- ENCORE: Royal Ballet Artist Joseph Sissens Performs Charlotte Edmonds’ ‘jojo’ (Excerpt)

Jojo, a contemporary solo by Charlotte Edmonds set to Chinese Man’s Pandi Groove created on a classical ballet dancer, Joseph Sissens. The work gelled in a very comfortable, spontaneous way, albeit more Michael Jackson than Marius Petipa. Continue reading

4/6/18 (REPOST) O&A NYC LIFESTYLE/DANCE: Geoffrey Holder A True Renaissance Man


Congratulation to Dance Theatre Of Harlem, Carmen de Lavallade and Leo Holder, Dougla was “simply marvelous”. This video honors Geoffrey Holder- a true renaissance man. It also includes rare footage and interviews with wife Carmen de Lavallade and son Leo Holder.  Continue reading

7/22/17 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez: Maya Angelou- In Her Own Words

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr.

Maya Angelou and some of the people who know her best sit down with journalist Felix Augustine where some of her deepest secrets are uncovered like never before. 

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5/6/17 O&A NYC DANCE: NewSteps- Meet The Choreographers (part two)- Deborah Gladstein and Helen Yee

NewSteps, a choreographer’s series, will present five works by eight choreographers and collaborators. The emerging dance makers include Deborah Gladstein/Helen Yee, Mary Grace McNally, Molly Mingey, Quinn Dixon and Bree Nasby, and Ryan Pliss. The series will take place May 11 through 13 at the Chen Dance Center 70 Mulberry Street.  Continue reading

3/25/17 O&A NYC CELEBRATING WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH- THEATRE: Josephine Baker- The Women Who Conquered Europe

Josephine Baker, the American-born French actress, dancer and singer had an undeniable attraction and charisma that quickly earned her names such as Creole Goddess, Bronze Venus and Black Pearl.

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2/20/17 O&A NYC DANCE: Geoffrey Holder- A True Renaissance Man (REPOST)


Geoffrey Holder- a true renaissance man. Includes rare footage and interviews with wife Carmen de Lavallade and son Leo Holder.  Continue reading

2/7/17 O&A NYC BLACK HISTORY MONTH INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: The Complicated Life of Ethel Waters

Ethel Waters was one of the first African- American superstar. An actress, singer and dancer Waters was the highest paid black actress of her era. This is her story. Continue reading

1/23/17 O&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: Josephine Baker- Zouzou (1934)

 Zouzou(1934) starring American singer, dancer, actress Josephine Baker became the first motion picture to feature a black actress in the starring role. Continue reading

2/15/16 0&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: Killer Diller (1948)

Hollywood-Mondays Killer_Diller_FilmPoster

Killer Diller starring The Clark Brothers (tap dancers), Nat King Cole, Moms Mabley, Dusty Fletcher, Butterfly McQueen, the Andy Kirk Orchestra, dancers from the Katherine Dunham School and the Four Congaroos (dancing Lindy Hop) was filmed in 1948 during the height of post war race films explosion. This all-black cast film, geared toward minority audiences, featured a cavalcade of African-American talent.  Continue reading