1/7/18 O&A NYC DANCE: Agon- New York City Ballet (1960)

Agon– the complete ballet with the original cast featuring Diana Adams, Todd Bolender, Jillana,  Arthur Mitchell, Richard Rapp, Francia Russell, Roy Tobias, and Violette Verdy.  Continue reading

10/2/15 O&A NYC Shall We Dance Friday: Agon – With Additional Footage Featuring Diana Adams and Arthur Mitchell

Shall We Dance


Agon (1957) is a ballet for twelve dancers, with music by Igor Stravinsky and choreography by George Balanchine. The cast includes:First Pas de Trios Peter Boal, Zippora Karz, Kathleen Tracey Second de TriosAlbert Evans, Arch Higgins, Wendy Whelan Pas de DuetDarcey Bussell, Lindsay Fischer                                                                                               

And an excerpt from the Pas de Duet featuring Diana Adams and Arthur Mitchell

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