10/17/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Patrick Willis’ Homegrown Workout

Former NFL middle linebacker Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers offers a taste of his “homegrown” workout during an off-season training session. Continue reading

9/26/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Dez Bryant Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant shares his rigorous football workout routine. 

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8/12/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS TUESDAY: Battle of the Bodies- WBFF World Muscle Model Championship

World ChampionWorld Champion AJ Ellison  goes in to battle against the best bodies in the world. At 41, AJ is in the best shape of his life, and the reigning WBFF World Muscle Model champion. Continue reading

8/26/17 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- ANYTHING GOES (EXTRA) HEALTH AND FITNESS: Workout Motivation 2017- Ulisses Jr. vs Simeon Panda

Ulisses Jr. vs Simeon Panda friends, colleagues and competitors see for yourself.  Continue reading

8/15/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: The Rock’s Ultimate Workout

The Rock’s workout. See what it takes to become the sexiest man alive!

The Rock’s Ultimate Workout

8/8/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS TUESDAY: Exercises To Tone Your Legs and Glutes

Nathan demonstrates 16 body weight exercises that are crucial in strengthening your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core muscles.
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The lower abdominal V cut is one of the most sought after looks. There is no such thing as spot reduction so if you have low body fat and you’re trying to build muscle on your obliques to get that “V” cut appearance these exercises with 30 seconds rest between each set will help you reach your goal. Continue reading

7/25/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS TUESDAY: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Training Program- How To Train For Mass

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his favorite classic bodybuilding exercises and preferred training techniques for building muscle. Continue reading

7/19/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: 10 Awesome Bodyweight Exercises with Max Philisaire

Max Philisaire reveals the secrets to the ultimate The Hollywood Body with a series of intense and challenging bodyweight exercises that can be done outdoors on the beach or in a typical gym. Continue reading

7/18/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS TUESDAY WORKOUT: Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson Workout 2017

Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson share his total body workout, so you too can be fast and furious. Continue reading