5/28/18 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: 5 Essential Exercises For A More Aesthetic Physique

Top PT and online coach Alex Edwards demonstrates five key exercises he believes everyone should be doing to help create the perfect balanced, strong and aesthetic physique.

Alex is also the Miami Pro UK Fitness Model champion, and carries this superb conditioning year round, as well as maintaining incredible strength and flexibility.

5 Essential Exercises For A More Aesthetic Physique

10/31/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Sergi Constance Muscle Model Pro

Sergi Constance is the WBFF’s newest Muscle Model Pro. The 25 year old Spanish fitness superstar took the title at WBFF Denmark on May 10 2014, launching his career in the WBFF.

6ft 1 Sergi is a former winner of the Muscle & Fitness Cover Model search at the Las Vegas Olympia, and has appeared on more than 10 magazine covers around the world.


4/11/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Bartendaz Rough Cut Documentary

Bartendaz Rough Cut Documentary chronicles The Bartendaz, an urban outdoor fitness culture who work out in Harlem parks.  Continue reading

O&A With Dr. Joy: Do you Want Good Energy in YOUR Bedroom???

By Dr. Joy Ohayia, PhD,


INHALE……….EXHALE (How do your feel?) I feel great!

What’s Up Beautiful People! We have an interesting post on Promoting Good Energy In Your Bedroom. Practical advice you can use TODAY…before you read this make sure you take three deep breaths: Clear your mind….

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