10/12/18 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- ANYTHING GOES FASHION EXTRA: Balmain Menswear Fall/Winter 2018-2019

The Balmain menswear fall/winter 2018-2019 vibe was of a ragtag army of in-the-future, ethnically diverse, hot-as-hell, and well funded survivalists who gradually morphed into night creatures ready to hit the clubs. What were they surviving? “Too much partying?” wondered Olivier Rousteing backstage. Continue reading

7/14/18 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- ANYTHING GOES (EXTRA): Pose Stars MJ Rodriguez And Indya Moore on Cis Actors Portraying Trans Characters

Pose stars MJ Rodriguez (‘Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista’) and Indya Moore (‘Angel Evangelista’) get real about cisgender actors playing transgender characters in the wake of recent casting controversies. Continue reading

2/17/18 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- ANYTHING GOES EXTRA (DANCE): Storyboard P One Shot Video Tribute To Prince- When Doves Cry

“As a mutant my power is to project a sequence of images through my body that tells an elaborate story to music. The power to storyboard / ballet / jazz / African / contemporary / bruk up / flex / boogaloo.”- Storyboard P. Continue reading

1/28/17 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- EXTRA: Rudolf Nureyev And Margot Fonteyn Perform Act II of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet (Balcony Scene)

After the ball, Juliet (Margot Fonteyn)  is on her balcony, dreaming of Romeo  when he (Rudolf Nureyev) enters below. Continue reading

1/21/17 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- ANYTHING GOES EXTRA: Versace Women’s Spring/Summer 2017

Donatella Versace’s Women’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection celebrates the power of the female future.  Continue reading

10/8/16 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY EXTRA: English National Ballet- Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody Reinterpreted

saturday extra

Bohemian Rhapsody Reinterpreted choreographed by English National Ballet Soloist James Streeter featuring Erina Takahashi (Lead Principal) and James Forbat (First Soloist). Continue reading

5/14/16 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY EXTRA: Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls (Including Recipe)

saturday extra

Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls performed by Issac Hayes is the ninth episode of the second season of the animated television series South Park, and the 22nd episode of the series overall. Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls originally aired in the United States on August 19, 1998 on South Park.  Continue reading

3/12/16 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- EXTRA: 2016 Bentley Continental GT3-R

saturday extra

The 2016 Bentley Continental GT3-R is the most uncompromising and focused road car Bentley has ever produced. With a limited production run, the GT3-R will always be extremely rare. Continue reading

3/5/16 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- ANYTHING GOES: Morgan Freeman Dramatically Reads Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself

saturday extra

Morgan Freeman gives new meaning to the term dramatic reading when he recites  lyrics from Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself. Freeman read the lyrics for a video he taped for Vanity Fair and the result is a fun campy interpretation. Continue reading

1/30/16 O&A NYC IT’S SATURDAY EXTRA: Versace- Fall Winter 2016/2017 Menswear Fashion Show

saturday extraVersace

The Versace fall winter 2016/2017 menswear collection ranged from showstopper over the top to luxe rigged utilitarian. Regardless of the sensibility the collection remains one of the anticipated during Milan fashion week.  Continue reading