8/3/18 O&A NYC WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS WEEK: August 3 Thru August 10, 2018- Art, Dance, Film, Music, Theatre… And More

The Dog Days of August are upon us! New York City is hot, steamy, sweaty and half naked-which means it’s “hot fun in the summertime”. Here are a few of the many events happening in the city that never sleeps guaranteed to keep you Out and About.
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5/3/15 O&A Hollywood Monday: Johnny Casanova the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Hollywood Mondays

Johnny Casanova the Unstoppable Sex Machine is a short animation created in 2000. The lead character is Johnny Worms AKA Casanova, who just wants to be a hit with the girls. Despite loads of interest, the series never became a TV series. Simon Pegg played the voice of Johnny, written and directed by Jamie Rix and animation directed by Andy Wyatt. Continue reading