5/23/18 O&A NYC WILDIN OUT WEDNESDAY: Eddie Murphy Goes All The Way In On Bill Cosby!

Eddie Murphy recently received the Mark Twain Award and during his speech Murphy comes goes in on Bill Cosby. The jaw dropping routine is classic Eddie Murphy-  just as amazing as one would hope. Murphy needs to gives us a new stand up special! Continue reading

9/6/17 O&A NYC WILDIN OUT WEDNESDAY: Eddie Murphy – Nice Asses and Big Dicks (Delirious- 1983)

Eddie Murphy’s stand-up comedy HBO television special Delirious (1983) written by and starring Murphy released August 30, 1983. Continue reading

7/19/17 O&A NYC WILDIN OUT WEDNESDAY: Moms Mabley- Comedienne, Social Activist, LBGTQ Icon

Moms Mabley performing a comedy act (1948) one of her lines “Cab Calloway once call me a dog. I would like to be a dog if Cab Calloway would be my tree.” Continue reading

11/14/16 O&A NYC COMEDY- HE’S BACK!: Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue – Saturday Night Live


Host Dave Chappelle jokes about Donald Trump being elected president and how being rich has changed his life. Continue reading

12/5/15 O&A NYC Saturday Morning Concert: Chris Rock-Bring The Pain


Chris Rock: Bring the Pain is a 1996 HBO television special starring comedian Chris Rock. This was Rock’s second special for the network, following 1994’s Big Ass Jokes. Rock was already a well-known comedian, but Bring the Pain made him one of the most popular comedians in the United States. The special was taped at a tour stop at the Takoma Theatre in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

6/17/15 O&A Wildin Out Wednesday: Eddie Murphy – First Appearance on the Tonight Show

wildin out wednesday


Eddie Murphy’s performs stand-up for the first time and talks about the first black president on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson way back in 1982. Continue reading