6/8/18 O&A NYC SHALL WE DANCE FRIDAY: Sylvie Guillem e Massimo Murru- Petite Mort

Sylvie Guillem and Massimo Murru perform Jiří Kylián”s Petite Mort with music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Continue reading

10/25/16 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: Sylvie Guillem- Mademoiselle Non (1993)


Sylvie Guillem joined the corps de ballet of the Paris Opera at age fifteen. A dance superstar whose breathtaking technique ranks her beside the likes of Nureyev and Baryshnikov the program centers on film of Guillem rehearsing and performing a range of pieces, both contemporary and classical, which display her astonishing virtuosity. Continue reading

6/8/16 O&A NYC SHALL WE DANCE FRIDAY: Swan Lake- III Act- Sylvie Guillem, Manuel Legris, Cyril Atanasoff

Shall We Dance tumblr_mgqn7vuCQp1qhf2mwo1_1280

The Swan Lake III Act pas de trois in Rudolf Nureyev’s version with Sylvie Guillem, Manuel Legris and Cyril Atanasoff from the 1988 Paris Opera Ballet production. Continue reading

(Repost) 11/27/15 O&A NYC Shall We Dance Friday: Sylvie Guillem- Boléro

Shall We Dance


One of Maurice Bejart’s most noted works, Bolero shows a woman dancing hypnotically on a tabletop. Sylvie Guillem performed its sinuous caressing and beckoning movements as if she were making incantatory gestures as a high priestess of an erotic ritual. Men seated motionless on chairs at the sides of the stage fall under her spell and slowly come to life. As Ravel’s familiar score mounts to a mighty climax, they dance around the table and at last jump on it to join the woman. The ballet is a remarkable image of awakening desire. Continue reading

10/31/14 Shall We Dance Friday Halloween: Pas de deux From Roland Petite’s NotreDame de Paris featuring Sylvie Guillem and Cyril Atanassoff (1988)

Shall We Dance


Cyril Atanassoff created the role of Frollo in Roland Petit’s ballet Notre-Dame de Paris, but he soon made Quasimodo his own. Here, towards the end of his career, he dances with the 23-year-old Sylvie Guillem at the beginning of hers. Continue reading