9/13/18 O&A NYC DANCE: Leiomy Maldonado aka Wonder Woman Voguing For Nike NYC Be True Campaign

Nike NYC partners with dancer Leiomy Maldonado to create a New York themed “Be True” campaign.

Taking on dancing, nightlife and the art of Voguing, a style of dancing that originated in New York city. Maldonado aka Wonder Woman was the first trans-woman to appear on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance” crew in 2009.

Leiomy Maldonado For Nike NYC Be True Campaign

Other dancers featured in the video include,Tiffany Theartist, Monsièur Pariè, Karma Styles, Albert Taveras, Karin Tatsuoka, Marshay Love, Chauncey Dominique and Luz Romano.



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Loretta Lynch

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wildin out wednesdayhqdefault

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