11/13/14/ O&A Kim Kardashian West No “Butts” About It – And More (Updated 11/13/14)

Paper Magazine winter issue concept was to Break The Internet. So the person they chose was reality star and pop culture queen Kim Kardashian West. Including previously unreleased full footage nudes- true to the Kardashian brand.

Kim_cover_web_1 The publication cover is an homage to French photographer Jean-Paul Goude iconic Champagne Incident photograph.


The original image also known as Carolina Beaumont, New York for the name of the model and the location. More images of Kim can be seen when the issue is released on Thursday.



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  1. Wow this MAGAZINE really needed people to view their MAGAZINE that bad to where they had to get KIM to pose NAKED in order to be able to get PAID!!!
    NOW THAT can be ENTERTAINING for some of us & DEGRADING to some of us as well!! Hoping everyone GETS whatever their HEARTS DESIRE WHEN BUYING & VIEWING THE “PAPER” 😉

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