11/29/14 O&A With WaleStylez: First Official Batmobile Ever Made is Up for Auction

By Adewale Adekanbi 


Based on a 1956 Oldsmobile, the hand-built car you see here is the first ever officially-licensed Batmobile.

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Unlike all the more recent Batmobiles including Christopher Nolan’s tumbler, Tim Burton’s version, the customized Lincoln from the 1960s TV series, or Zack Snyder’s upcoming vehicle, this is the only one based on the first design from the original 1940s comic books. The key elements: a massive center tail fin, swooping lines and a bat face grill. Heritage Auctions, who are selling this gem, say it toured the USA as an official Batman promo vehicle before the customized Lincoln Futura concept from the TV show came to be. Restored in 2008, the car is now set to be auction for over $90,000.



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