12/23/19 O&A NYC DANCE: A Conversation With Masazumi Chaya- The Golden Age Of Ailey

By Walter Rutledge

Masazumi Chaya, affectionately called Chaya, has been a part of Ailey organization for almost half a century. Chaya joined the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in 1972 during an era we refer to as the Golden Age of Ailey. During Chaya’s fifteen years as an Ailey dancer he distinguished himself as an intense performer; who excited audience with an almost effervescent abandon.

Also, during this period, he developed his skill as a rehearsal director and assistant to choreographer and company founder Alvin Ailey. Chaya will end his 47 years of direct association with the company (having spent the last 28 years as Associate Artistic Director) after the 2019 New York City Center season December 4, 2019 through January 5, 2020. O&A NYC Magazine Editor-in-Chief Walter Rutledge sat down with Chaya to discuss the Golden Age of Ailey, a meteoric period for the Ailey Company and its prolific founder Alvin Ailey.

A Conversation With Masazumi Chaya- The Golden Age Of Ailey

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  1. Ronald K. Alexander

    What an excellent interveiw Walter Congrats and Bravo!!!!

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