3/23/20 O&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: Grace Jones in Vamp

Vamp.1986.rmvb_001402278Vamp is a 1986 comedy horror film directed by Richard Wenk, co-written by Wenk and Donald P. Borchers, and starring Grace Jones and Chris Makepeace.

vampires-grace-jones-deTwo college students, Keith and AJ want to hire a stripper to buy their way into a campus fraternity. They borrow a Cadillac from lonely rich student Duncan, who insists on coming with them to scope out strip clubs in a nearby city. The three boys find themselves at a club in a shady party of town and, after being impressed by an surreally artistic stripper Queen Katrina. 

Vamp- Grace Jones dancing as Katrina


AJ visits her dressing room to convince her to come strip for their college party. Katrina seduces AJ, then pins him down, killing him with a bite to the neck.

Vamp- Katrina seduces AJ

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  1. Grace Jones is terrific as a mute, fangtastic vampire.

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