6/29/20 O&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: Harlem Nights Excepts

Hollywood MondaysMPW-19440Harlem Nights is a 1989 comedy-drama crime film starring Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor. The film also featured Michael Lerner, Danny Aiello, Redd Foxx  (In his last film before his death in 1991), Della Reese  and Murphy’s brother Charlie Murphy. Murphy and Pryor star as a team running a nightclub in late-1930s  Harlem, New York while contending with gangsters and corrupt police officials.

The opening scene of the movie Harlem Nights when a young Quick saves Sugar’s life when a Craps game get out of hand.


Harlem Nights Crap Game

In this scene Quick (Eddie Murphy) questions the house madame Vera (Della Reese) when the girls come up short on the evening receipts. Vera defends her honor by challenging Quick to a fist fight in the alley.

Vera and Quick Alley Fight

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