8/2/19 O&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: The Mack (Excerpts)

The Mack (1973), follows the rise and fall of Goldie, an Oakland pimp. The film directed by California native Michael Campus, and starred Max Julien and Richard Pryor with Oscar-nominee Juanita Moore, and Tony nominated actor Dick Anthony Williams. The movie was filmed in Oakland, California. 

After returning home from a 5-year prison sentence, he returns home to find his brother involved in Black nationalism. Goldie decides to take an alternative path, striving to become the city’s biggest pimp

The Mack- Pimpins Big Business

All pimps need some time to get together and flaunt their hoes and spoils of the game. And what better place to do it than at the Player’s Ball.

The Players Ball

Goldy (Max Julien) calls the local drug kingpin Fat Man (George Murdock) a “vicious ass piece of jelly” then wins Mack of the Year. A night to remember.

Mack Of The Year

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