9/18/16 O&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: Be A Clown From The Pirate- Gene Kelly and The Nicholas Brothers


In The Pirate (1948) both Gene Kelly and Judy Garland fought to get The Nicholas Brothers (Fayard Nicholas and Harold Nicholas) included in the movie. They succeeded, but the Be a Clown sequence was cut by exhibitors in Memphis and other U.S. cities in the South because it included The Nicholas Brothers, who were black. 


As a result of the racial bigotry in the South, The Nicholas Brothers were  essentially blackballed. Fayard and Harold Nicholas moved to Europe and did not return until the mid-sixties making a comeback appearance on The Hollywood Palace (1964) hosted by Roy Rogers and Trigger.

Be A Clown From The Pirate- Gene Kelly and The Nicholas Brothers

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  1. It’s amazing how much this country has lost because of Racism,imagine what it could have been,had it always been fair and just,it would probably still be deemed,The SuperPower,instead of 29th in rank.It’s a pipe dream to think I think it will ever recover from what Greed and Racism has done to this country,anyone who doesn’t see that,is probably a beneficiary of said Greed and Racism

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