7/12/24 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ ADULT SWIM TRAILER: Rick and Morty: The Anime | Official Trailer | Adult Swim

Fans of Rick and Morty have received the first trailer for the upcoming spinoff Rick and Morty: The Anime which sees the beloved adult animation characters reimagined in an anime-animation style. Continue reading

6/18/24 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ NETFLIX TRAILER: Arcane: Season 2 | Official Teaser | Netflix

The Riot Games inspired League of Legends series that landed on Netflix is coming to an end. Arcane season two will be the second and final chapter of the series and is set to premiere this fall on the streamer.Co-created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee, the plot of the series follows League champions Vi and Jinx as they go to war over a power struggle that occurs between the utopian city of Piltover and the opressed underground city of Zaun.  Continue reading

5/13/24 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ ADULT SWIM TRAILER: Rick and Morty: The Anime | Adult Swim

In Adult Swim‘s latest teaser for Rick and Morty: The Anime, the network not only offers a peek into the anticipated show from another perspective but also confirms that the anime will air in 2024. Continue reading

3/21/24 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ VIDEO GAME TRAILER: Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Bebop Gameplay Trailer

The much-anticipated collaboration between Cowboy Bebop and Overwatch 2 finally launches tomorrow, with Activision Blizzard officially revealing the five character It has unique characters who feel real, and an amazing art style mix of noir, westerns and science fiction.  Continue reading

10/6/21 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ ART WITHIN THE ARTIST:Toy Tokyo Celebrates 20 Years of Designer Toys With Artist Watch Collection

Toy Tokyo and its founder Lev Lavarek are launching a new initiatives in honor of the store’s 20th anniversary.Toy Tokyo is dropping a new, limited-edition designer toy watch collection that features artwork from iconic artists like Quiccs, Ron English and Simone Legno of Tokidoki. Continue reading

7/29/20 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ VIDEO GAME TRAILER: Kin of The Stained Blade | Spirit Blossom 2020 Cinematic – League of Legends

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr

Riot Games has introduced its new League of Legends champion, Yone. The swordsman is the brother of Yasuo, one of LoL‘s fan favorite characters, and he makes his debut by way of a striking ten minute long anime-style video dubbed Kin of The Stained Blade. Continue reading