5/12/24 O&A NYC SUNDAY MORNING FUNNIES: Southern Jesus. Jay Stevens – Full Special

A Southern Jesus isn’t something you hear about every day, but according to Jay Stevens nephew Jesus was born in Alabama. In this hilarious full Dry Bar Comedy special Jay Stevens breaks down what it’s like to be a dad, what it’s like when Jesus is from the south and a whole myriad of other funny situations. Continue reading

5/5/24 O&A NYC SUNDAY MORNING FUNNIES: Martin – Reverend Leon Lonnie Love

The episode when Martin and the crew went to Reverend Leon Lonnie Love’s church. This was one of the funniest parts on Martin to us so I thought to share it. Continue reading

3/24/24 O&A NYC SUNDAY MORNING FUNNIES: Christian Comedian – Marcus D. Wiley

Marcus D. Wiley knows how to crack up a crowd. The Houston-based comedian travels the world making people laugh with his brand of church based, clean humor. Continue reading

3/3/24 O&A NYC SUNDAY MORNING FUNNIES: Impersonation Of Famous Preachers

Comedian Broderick Rice does a hilarious routine about growing up in church including impersonations of some famous preachers. Continue reading

10/22/23 O&A NYC SUNDAY MORNING FUNNIES: Amen – Where There’s A Will

Thelma (Anna Maria Horsford) convinces Deacon Frye (Sherman Hemsley) to visit his ailing father-in-law, whom he dislikes. The Deacon’s estranged father-in-law, who once disowned the Fryes, lies on his deathbed and tries to reconcile with the Deacon by leaving him an inheritance. But all bets are off when Grandpa Tillman begins to recover. Continue reading

5/1/22 O&A NYC MAGAZINE THE MORNING FUNNIES: The Amber Ruffin- Week in Review – Sorry Donald Trump, Disinfectant Does Not Belong in Your Body

It has been a crazy week in America, from Vice President Kamala Harris testing positive for COVID to President Biden commuting the jail sentences of seventy-five people this week and giving three full pardons. Wow, and much more to unpack, let’s find out what happened! Continue reading

1/9/21 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Betty White Monologue: Facebook – Saturday Night Live

Lorne Michaels was intrigued when a Facebook campaign recruited nearly a million fans to petition to have Betty White host Saturday Night Live– but it wasn’t the first time the producer thought of White. Michaels asked the beloved star three times between the ‘70s and ‘90s to appear in the show – and all three times he got rejected. Continue reading

11/21/21 O&A NYC SUNDAY MORNING FUNNIES: Donovan & Mrs. Johnson-The Jealous West Indian Man Pt.2

Donovan has his eyes on Mrs. Johnson even in the most unusual circumstances. Continue reading