O&A With Dr. Joy: Do you Want Good Energy in YOUR Bedroom???

By Dr. Joy Ohayia, PhD,


INHALE……….EXHALE (How do your feel?) I feel great!

What’s Up Beautiful People! We have an interesting post on Promoting Good Energy In Your Bedroom. Practical advice you can use TODAY…before you read this make sure you take three deep breaths: Clear your mind….

Do you want to promote good energy in your bedroom?? Yep, good energy in the place where you lay your head….I hope the answer is YES! If so, keep reading about an ancient Chinese secret – Feng Shui…

Here are some facts: Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Feng means wind and shui means water. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune, while bad feng shui means bad luck, or misfortune. We won’t discuss bad luck…positive in…positive out!

Feng shui is based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, particularly on the idea that the land is alive and filled with Chi, or energy… So let’s move to YOUR bedroom….

A good feng shui bedroom is a bedroom that promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy. A good feng shui bedroom is a bedroom that invites you, lures you in, excites and calms at the same time. A good feng shui bedroom is fun and pleasurable to be in, either you are there for a quick nap, a good night sleep or to make passionate love!

Want to create a good feng shui bedroom??? Here are 7 easy tips YOU can put into practice TODAY!

1. Let go of the TV, computer or exercise equipment in your bedroom. The good energy in your bedroom is destroyed   when these items are present in your bedroom. Too much technology will negatively impact the calmness within your space…so UNPLUG and LET GO….

2. Open the windows often or use a good quality air-purifier to keep the air fresh and full of oxygen.Be mindful of the quality of air in your bedroom. You cannot have good energy in your bedroom if the air you breathe in is stale and full of pollutants. Please note that plants in the bedroom are not good feng shui, unless your bedroom is fairly large and the plants are located far from the bed.

3. Have several levels of lighting in your bedroom, or use a dimmer switch to adjust the energy accordingly. Good, appropriate lighting is very important, as light is our # 1 nutrient and one of the strongest manifestation of energy. Candles are the best feng shui bedroom lighting, but be sure to buy candles with no toxins, check out soy candles! Not only will you achieve a nice calm light, but you can also use the soy to moisten your dry skin…

4. Use soothing colors to achieve a good feng shui balance in your bedroom.Feng shui bedroom decor is a balanced decor that promotes the best flow of energy for restorative sleep, as well as sexual healing. YES, I said SEX! Best feng shui colors for the bedroom are considered the so-called “skin colors”, and we know the colors of human skin vary from pale white to rich chocolate brown. Choose colors within this range that will work best for your bedroom decor.

5. Choose the images for your bedroom wisely, as images carry powerful feng shui energy. Best feng shui advice for the bedroom art is to choose images that you want to seehappening in your life. Sad and lonely images are not allowed…

6. Now follow the basic feng shui guidelines for your bed, which are:

a. have your bed easily approachable from both sides

b. have two bedside tables (one on each side)

c. avoid having the bed in a direct line with the door.

A “good looking” and well-balanced bed is very important in creating a perfect feng shui bedroom. Good mattress, solid headboard and high quality sheets from natural fibers are also very important in creating harmonious feng shui energy.

7. Keep all the bedroom doors closed at night, the closet doors, the en-suite bathroom door or the bedroom door.

8. Covers on toilets should be down too…..

This will allow for the best and most nourishing flow of energy to strengthen your health, as well as the health of your relationship. Keeping your bedroom closet clean and organized will further create a sense of peace and calm in your bedroom. (if you have trouble keeping your closet organized…on a inclement weekend – make it a goal to clean out YOUR closet. If it does not fit whether too small or too large, put it in a pile. If you have not worn it in 2 years, put it in a pile….Now take the pile to the Good Will…there are many people that would be grateful to have your stuff. This will instantly increase your self-esteem as you have helped someone in NEED!

In a good feng shui bedroom, every item will reflect the clear intent for love, healing and relaxation. Here’s to YOU to achieve good energy and balance in YOUR bedroom.

Be Blessed, Stay Healthy!

See ya! Dr. Joy



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