Out and About with Rita Rubino: Sautéed Baby Kale with Shrimp and Red Pepper

By Rita Rubino


All Hail King Kale!
You may have noticed the recent popularity of kale. Once a garnish for platters, buffets and the bottom of the fish display at the grocery store, Kale is now being toted as a super veg. With a single cup yielding a whopping 206% of daily recommend vitamin A, 134% of vitamin C and loaded with cancer fighting anti-oxidants as well as powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it’s no wonder.

Here’s a quick and easy recipe to help you hail king kale. Sautéed Baby Kale with Shrimp and Red Pepper.

1 lb cleaned shrimp
2, 5-7oz packages of baby kale
1 fresh red pepper cut into 1⁄2 inch pieces 1/3 cup of light cooking oil
1 clove of garlic, sliced
Salt & pepper to taste

Preheat a large stainless steel frying pan
Add half of the cooking oil
Season the shrimp with salt and Pepper and add to the pan cooking over medium heat on both sides until gold brown.
Remove shrimp and set aside
Add the remainder of the oil, the garlic and red pepper and sauté for one minute
Add the kale and sprinkle with salt and pepper

sauté until fully wilted about 3-5 minutes return the shrimp to the pan and toss

Serves 2 as a low carb, low-calorie main dish.

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