2/9/22 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Richard Pryor Show- Mojo Healer

Richard Pryor shows up with energy and comic timing as Mojo the medicine man, who attracts his cult with the divine words “Let Mojo heal it!” Robin Williams finally comes into play as a farmer with a bad arm that Mojo twists back to disjointed, Edie McClurg appears as a wheelchair-confined woman who wants to walk but has to learn to crawl first, and Mojo also encounters a young man with leprosy fungi growing on his face, to which he replies “You heal it!” He proves his threshold of pain by smashing his hand three times with a hammer, walking on hot coals, and slicing open both his arms and his stomach. One of the wildest skits presented during the four shows.

The Richard Pryor Show – Mojo Healer

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