11/30/17 O&A NYC THROWBACK THURSDAY: Brandy-Sittin Up In My Room

Sittin’ Up in My Room by R&B artist Brandy Norwood. It was written and produced by Babyface and recorded by Brandy for the soundtrack of the 1995 film Waiting To Exhale, starring Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett. Continue reading

10/12/15 O&A NYC With WaleStylez- Song Of The Day: Brandy – Put It Down ft. Chris Brown


Put It Down is a song by Brandy Norwood, featuring fellow R&B singer Chris Brown.  The accompanying music video features interactions with Brown, as well as scenes including Norwood dancing in front of both blue-lit industrial backdrops and artful Jackson Pollock-esque green screens. Filmed in Los Angeles, California and directed by Hype Williams, the clip was creatively moulded by Frank Gatson Jr., and choreographed by Jaquel Knight.  Continue reading