3/14/19 O&A NYC GOING BACK TO AFRICA WITH WaleStylez: Perfect Muscle Natural African Bodybuilder Morgan Nakhisaa

Kenyan natural bodybuilder Morgan Nakhisa played soccer for years before taking up weight training. The 5’9″, 202 lbs. bodybuilder claims, “The real and the only one black panther from Kenya!” Following his big win in Paris last year, he then trained for his MM Pro debut in Las Vegas 8 weeks later.
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3/1/19 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Super Shredded Fighter – Nathan Mozango

The French-born bodybuilder Nathan Mozango was always keen on building a “God-like” physique and building his strength. However, Nathan wasn’t always interested in bodybuilding and building a large amount of “mass”. 

Super Shredded Fighter – Nathan Mozango | Muscle Madness


Weight 175 – 185lbs (79.4 – 83.9kg)
Height  5’11” (180cm)
Arms 17″
Chest 57″
Waist 29″
Thighs 26″
Calves 16.5

Abs Training
For his abdominal training, Nathan will work his abs three times per week straight after his jogging session right before breakfast.

Nathan’s Workout

Monday: Chest and Triceps 

Benchpress (bench)
20 reps at 70 kgs
15 reps with 80 kg
10 reps at 90 kgs
7 reps at 100 kgs
5 reps at 110 kg

Incline dumbbell press (Incline Dumbbell)
20 reps at 30 kgs
10 reps at 32 kgs
7 reps at 34 kgs
5 reps at 36 kgs

Weighted push ups
10 reps at 40 kgs
7 reps at 50 kgs

Tuesday: Back

Bent over Row
30 reps at 55 kgs
20 reps at 65 kgs
15 reps at 75 kgs
10 reps at 85 kgs

Seated Row
12 reps with 60kgs
8 reps at 65 kgs
6 reps at 70 kgs

Lateral Pull Down
20 reps at 75 kgs
12 reps at 80 kgs
7 reps at 85 kgs
5 reps at 90 kgs

Wednesday: Legs

Full squat ( “ass to grass”)
30 reps at 80 kgs
25 reps 90 kg
20 reps at 100 lbs
12 reps at 110 kgs
8 reps at 115 kgs
90˚ degrees vertical press
15 reps at 270 lbs
10 reps at 290 kgs
6 reps at 300 kgs

Leg extension
1 drop set: 20 reps at 110 lbs / 10 reps at 90 kgs / 10 reps at 70 kgs
Leg curl lying
1 drop set: 20 reps at 35 kgs / 10 reps at 30 kgs / 10 reps at 25 kgs

Plantar extensions to the press
4 sets max 170 kgs (I do not count the reps)
Extensions seated calf machine
4 sets max between 75-95 kgs

Thursday: Triceps and Biceps

Tricep Push Down
25 reps at 50 kgs
20 reps at 60 kgs
12 kgs to 70 reps
8 reps at 80 kgs

40 reps BW
20 reps at BW + 25 kg
12 reps at BW + 35 kgs
6 reps at BW + 45 kgs
Dips Machine
3 sets to the max with the entire stack (90 kgs)

EZ Curl bar
25 reps at 36 kgs
20 reps at 40 kgs
12 kgs to 44 reps
8 reps at 48 kgs
Curl inclined sitting with dumbbells
15 reps with 18 kg
12 kg 20 reps with
8 reps at 22 kgs

EZ Curl bar reversed (to work the forearms)
3 sets to the max with a weight between 26 and 36 kgs

Friday: Shoulders and Traps

Push Press
20 reps at 30 kgs
15 kgs to 40 reps
8 reps at 45 kgs
5 reps at 50 kgs

Arnold Press
15 reps with 22 kg
10 reps with 24 kgs
7 reps with 26 kgs

Hang Pull
3 sets max with a weight of 46-54 kgs In superset with frontal elevations 3 sets with 14 kg max
2 sets max of lateral raises to the pulley

Saturday & Sunday: Off



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12/16/18 O&A NYC DANCE/FITNESS AND WELLNESS: Dance Of The Village Elders- Thank you!

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