1/3/15 O&A NYC Wildin Out Wednesday: President Obama and Jerry Seinfeld- Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

wildin out wednesday


Jerry Seinfeld created a lot of buzz last Wednesday with the debut episode of  Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee- Season 7. Instead of the typical jokester, the actor welcomed an elected official to the program, none other than President Barack Obama. Over the past six seasons, a veritable who’s who of the comedic world including Louis C.K., Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Larry David and Chris Rock  has joined Jerry Seinfeld for a ride and a cup of joe in the Crackle series.   Continue reading

10/ 5/14 Wildin Out Wednesday: SNL- Black Jeopardy

wildin out wednesday


50 years after Jeopardy! debuted, “Saturday Night Live” came up with a new way to parody the iconic game show. Black Jeopardy! is hosted by Darnell Hayes or “Alex Treblack” (Kenan Thompson) and features categories such as “It’s Been A Minute,” “White People,” and “Psssh.” Let’s just say it’s not exactly what African Studies professor Mark (Louis C.K.) had in mind when he signed up. The sketch includes Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata as fellow contestants. Continue reading