10/15/19 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS: 3 Rules To Build Bigger Biceps- Simeon Panda And Ulisses Jr. 

Master trainers and physique models Simeon Panda and Ulisses Jr. share 3 rules to create bigger biceps.  Continue reading

8/26/17 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- ANYTHING GOES (EXTRA) HEALTH AND FITNESS: Workout Motivation 2017- Ulisses Jr. vs Simeon Panda

Ulisses Jr. vs Simeon Panda friends, colleagues and competitors see for yourself.  Continue reading

7/11/17 O&A NYC HEALTH AND WELLNESS- WORKOUT TUESDAY: Ulisses Jr- Incredible 50 Abs Workout

Your abs are your “calling card” they introduce the rest of your torso and define upper body symmetry. Ulisses Jr. shares exercises that helped built his incredible midsection.  Continue reading