4/29/17 O&A NYC MUSIC: Marvin Gaye- What’s Going On From Motown 25 (1983)

What’s Going On pleads for understanding. Marvin Gaye’s voice is markedly detached; a lonely, but passionate, voice in the crowd. The result of Gaye’s complex songwriting, combined with his abilities as a producer and an arranger was startlingly different from anything previously released by Motown.  Continue reading

9/22/16 O&A NYC THROWBACK THURSDAY: Marvin Gaye- What’s Going On At Motown 25 (1983)

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What’s Going On, the first Marvin Gaye album credited as being produced by Gaye, is a unified concept album consisting of nine songs, most of which lead into the next.  What’s Going On became Motown’s fastest selling single, the biggest hit of 1971. Continue reading

7/9/15 O&A Throwback Thursday: Marvin Gaye- What’s Going On

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Marvin Gaye Performs In Rotterdam

Marvin Gaye approached Berry Gordy What’s Going On, Gordy took a profound dislike to the song, calling it “the worst thing I ever heard in my life”. Gaye responded by going on strike from recording anything else for the label unless Gordy relented. Gordy also felt the song was too political for a  radio hit and too unusual compared for popular music, or commercially successful. Continue reading