1/25/24 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ NETFLIX SERIES TRAILER: Avatar: The Last Airbender | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix debuted the full trailer for its live-action adaptation of the beloved animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.Set to premiere on February 22, the official trailer features the main cast and hints at the wild and dangerous adventures that Aang, Sokka, Katara, Aappa and Momo are in for as they try to save the world from the Fire Nation.  Continue reading

1/8/24 O&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: The Hunt – Action Movie 2023 Full Length English

The 2000s brought a new kind of action movie, bigger and louder with more special effects as well as new action star, Jason Statham. The English actor, a former and model. portrayed antiheroes in a number of blockbuster action -thrillers. Continue reading

12/15/23 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ VIDEO GAME TRAILER: Marvel’s Blade | Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2023

Betheseda Softworks Marvel’s Blade video game was unveiled at the 2023 Game Awards. In Marvel’s Blade, Eric Brooks is the legendary Daywalker, half-man, half-vampire torn between the warm society of the living and the rushing power of the undead.In addition to their award-winning talent, it’s their personal passion and bold vision for our half-human, half-vampire iconoclast that makes this collaboration a perfect fit, Rosemann added. Continue reading


However, it’s already been over a decade since Grand Theft Auto 5 first released and many still wondered when a Grand Theft Auto 6 would arrive. That is, until gameplay of the long-rumored game leaked last year. Months later, it was implied in earning reports that GTA6 would be arriving in 2025. Continue reading

12/7/23 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ NETFLIX SERIES: Yu Yu Hakusho | Official Trailer | Netflix

Yu Yu Hakusho the legendary smash-hit manga from Weekly Shonen Jump, is finally getting a live-action adaptation! This series of unprecedented scale is brought to life by an all-star cast that includes Takumi Kitamura, Jun Shison, Kanata Hongo, Shuhei Uesugi, Sei Shiraishi, Kenichi Takito, Goro Inagaki and Go Ayano. Continue reading

12/5/23 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ MOVIE TRAILER: Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire | Teaser Trailer

Godzilla x Kong fans have anxiously waited for the next battle from the renowned giants. Now Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Entertainment are giving fans a look at what’s to come with the official trailer for  Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Continue reading

11/3/23 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ MOVIE TRAILER: Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes | Teaser Trailer

The 20th Century Studios franchise has a new apocalyptic beginning that continues after the events of Caesar’s death in the last film. This marks the fourth film in the modern Planets Of The Apes saga and is set generations after his reign.With apes now becoming the dominant species and humans living in the shadows, a new tyrannical ape has begun to build his empire while a young ape takes on a new journey where he later finds that his actions will determine the future of apes and humans. Continue reading

10/31/23 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ VIDEO GAME TRAILER: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


Microsoft Xbox mini-showcase a gameplay trailer for the Metal Gear Solid 3: Sneaker Eater remake was unveiled.Paying respect to the original, the stealth action game has been reimagined to meet current gaming standards while maintaining the aesthetic and style of the Fox Engine graphics.The Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake from Konami features art and outsourced development from Singaore-based studio Virtuos. Continue reading

9/16/23 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ MOVIE TRAILER: Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom | Trailer

Jason Momoa is finally making his return as the titular Aquaman in the latest trailer released by Warner Bros.The first official trailer for the highly anticipated sequel, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. DC’s aquatic hero is set to surf into theater this holiday season. Continue reading

9/8/23 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ MOVIE TRAILER: Godzilla Minus One Official Trailer

A new trailer is out for Takashi Yamazaki’s contribution to the Godzilla franchise, Godzilla Minus One. Set in Japan in the aftermath of World War II, the country must now grapple with a new, unprecedented threat. The action film is directed and written by Takashi Yamazaki. He also helmed visual effects for the flick. Continue reading