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Out & About NYC Magazine is the brainchild of Walter Rutledge and Adewale Adekanbi Jr. The magazine offers the arts and lifestyle enthusiast a fresh new look at the New York entertainment and arts scene. In 2014 Rutledge and Adekanbi Jr. established Out and About NYC Magazine to provide constructive and positive critiques of arts related productions and exhibitions. And to fill the void of commentary from African-American writers and critics. Out & About NYC Magazine showcases the established and the emerging, the traditional and the trendy, the legends of today and the newsmakers of the tomorrow. We also provide honest commentary without the mean-spirited and often personal attack style that has become so pervasive in our present media. O&A NYC offers insightful commentary with flare, panache and a dash of fun.

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Walter Rutledge (editor-in-chief/ Cultural Commentator) choreographer/ playwright/ director, educator and visual artist began writing arts commentary in the early 90’s while living in Charleston, South Carolina. At that time his work highlighted organizations that usually “fell below the radar” of the mainstream media. Rutledge expanded his following throughout The Carolinas and Florida, and in 2010 relocated his base of operations back to his hometown, New York City. Rutledge begin contributing arts commentary to local newspapers as a way to promote his various projects throughout the North and South East, which laid the groundwork for O&A NYC Magazine. He continues to showcase trend setting and emerging artists while offering commentary on the established leaders in the entertainment industry.

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Adewale Adekanbi (Co-Founder/Managing Editor) is an actor, model and photographer who follows the new and edgy New York art, fashion and nightlife scene. Adekanbi is a proud Brooklyn native of Nigerian descent. His international perceptive has helped shape his keen fashion eye and eclectic art acumen. His columns on fashion, African culture, art, film, hip-hop music and dance, under the moniker Walestylez reveal a side of New York usually reserved for the fun-loving, fearless and the young at heart. 



  1. Walter, it’s George from Harkness! You’re looking great, and I really like the site. I sent you a FB friend request. Would be great to see you. Am in contact with several of the old gang. Sending love….

  2. Mr.William & Mrs. Elaine Prosser

    We are from Harlem,please us on your mailing list,thanks.

  3. Hi I am with The Harlem Swing Dance Society team and would love to talk to you about Harlem’s famed Lindy Hop/Swing Dance culture in light of a new documentary thats out that shows the current scene. We have a FB page https://www.facebook.com/HarlemSwingDance/ and I recently did a Part 1 Musing about it. It may be great for folks to see there is an org in Harlem preserving the culture :>) http://harlemlindyhopmusings.blogspot.com/2017/04/harlems-most-famed-dance-is-in-alive.html

  4. Hi, I’m interested in have a venue listed inside your publication. Please inform me of the process.

  5. I’m writing from On Wisconsin magazine because we’d like permission to use a hi-res photo from your magazine of Mary Hinkson and Donald McKayle in Rainbow Round My Shoulder. On Wisconsin is running a feature on Mark Hinkson who is a University of WI alum. We are going to press next week — can someone please help? Thanks! — Niki Denison

  6. Hi, I left a comment yesterday because we’d like permission to use the photo of Mary Hinkson and Donald McKayle that is credited to your site online. This is for a profile of Mary Hinkson in On Wisconsin, the alumni magazine for her alma mater, the University of Wisconsin. We are going to press next week, and I hope to hear from you soon to see if it’s possible. It is a beautiful photo. Thank you very much — Niki Denison

  7. Mississippi The Musical would love to submit their performance information on this site! Please let us know how to proceed. thanks.

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  9. Hi. I would like to submit info about an upcoming event on July 31st on Governor’s Island. Jazz By The Water(tm). 12 Noon. How do we submit to be listed on your upcoming events page? Thank you. Gwen Black, Artist/Curator/Producer Arts and Jazzfest NYC(tm)

  10. Hi. I am interested in submitting info about our upcoming event. Jazz By The Water(tm) on Governor’s Island on Sat. July 31st. 12 noon. How can we submit? This is a free event for the community. Thank you. Gwen Black, Artist/Curator/Producer of Arts and Jazzfest NYC(tm)

  11. This is a fabulous online magqzine!!!!!!! And Walter Rutledge, thank you so much for mounting on You Tube the Dance Theatre of Harlem interviews you did and especially performances of Dougla and Firebird. Will put this info in my website next year.

  12. Fabulous magazine! And thank you to Walter Rutledge for mounting Dance Theatre of Harlem interviews & especially performances of Dougla and Firebird. I will add these links to my website next year. Discovered you all on Christmas Eve. What a gift to the world!

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