6/7/22 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Dave Gets Oprah Pregnant – Chappelle’s Show

Dave quits his job at Chappelle’s Show after Oprah informs him she’s pregnant with this child. (Contains strong language.)
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6/6/22 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Enough of Your Sh*t Florida, It’s Pride Month- The Amber Ruffin Show

June is National Pride Month for the LGBTQIA+ Community! It is a month to celebrate and remember the historical and present events affecting the community. Amber Ruffin is here to break down some important current events such as DC’s new comic with a bisexual Superman, Gov. Greg Abbott‘s persecution of transgender kids, and Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill. Continue reading

3/28/22 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES SPECIAL: Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock On Stage At The Oscars

Best actor nominee Will Smith appeared to smack presenter Chris Rock in the face with an open hand and shouted a vulgarity at the comedian for making a joke about his wife’s appearance at the Oscars ceremony. Continue reading

3/18/22 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES:Trevor Noah – It Makes No Sense! (African American)

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, television host and political commentator. He is the host of The Daily Show an American satirical news program on Comedy Central. Continue reading

1/10/22 O&A NYC MORNING FUNNIES: Tommy Davidson All Star Comedy Jam Part 1

Tommy Davidson was filmed in front of a live audience during All-Star Weekend in Phoenix, Arizona these comedians are sure to deliver non-stop laughs in this energetic and memorable night of comedy. Continue reading

11/25/21 O&A NYC THANKSGIVING MORNING FUNNIES: In Living Color- Wrath of Farrakhan

The Wrath of Farrakhan, sketch pits the original Enterprise crew, led, of course, by Captain James T. Kirk (Jim Carrey) against the minister (Damon Wayans) and two of his cohorts, who beam aboard to confront the captain about the oppression on his bridge. 
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9/28/21 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES:Walking Dead Chapelle’s Show – SNL

Negan (Dave Chappelle) readies to take out Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Clayton Bigsby, Lil Jon or another memorable Chappelle’s Show character. Continue reading