6/9/24 O&A NYC SUNDAY SCHOOL: Daniel’s Epic Tale

This animation brings to life Daniel‘s story from the Old Testament, showcasing his unwavering faith in God amidst the trials in the lion’s den and the royal courts of Babylon. Perfect for audiences of all ages, this retelling not only entertains but also inspires courage, loyalty, and trust in the face of adversity. Continue reading

5/26/24 O&A NYC SUNDAY SCHOOL: Jonah and the Whale Revealed: An Animated Bible Story

Jonah was an Israelite whom God had called to be a prophet but who refused to accept his divine mission and left on a sea voyage instead. God then raised a great storm as a sign of his anger with Jonah. Continue reading

5/23/24 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ NETFLIX TRAILER: Ultraman:Rising | Official Trailer | Netflix

With Tokyo under siege from rising monster attacks, baseball star Ken Sato reluctantly returns home to take on the mantle of Ultraman. But the titanic superhero meets his match when he reluctantly adopts a 35-foot-tall, fire-breathing baby kaiju.  Continue reading

5/22/24 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ DANCE PARTY: BattleFest | Droid vs Arsenal

Droid versus Arsenal at Battlefest Arena was a top tier battle last season. We have Droid bringing Popeye to life, filling his can of spinach animation and lets not forget Arsenal bringing Harry Potter to life with his wand filled with potions of dance moves. Let us know who think won this battle. Continue reading

5/20/24 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: Pause/No Homo (Boondocks)

“Pause and No Homo” is a Gay parody within the Adult Swim cartoon late night show Boondocks. More like a twist to a Madea movie.  Continue reading

5/11/24 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: You Gotta Tell Diddy No!!

Bryshere Gray finds himself at his first Diddy party. He should have told him no… Continue reading

5/1/24 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ MOVIE TRAILER: Mufasa: The Lion King | Teaser Trailer

Disney is looking back to the origin story of Mufasa.Before perishing in his brother Scar’s plot to take the throne for himself, Mufasa was the King of the Pride Lands and the father of Simba. Continue reading

4/29/24 O&A NYC THE MORNING FUNNIES: AI Trump- Jerkin Tudix

AI Trump’s dance moves look like, well, uh…I’ll just let AI Trump tell you. Continue reading