Inspirational Tuesday

1/24/23 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: It’s Time To Win | Powerful Motivational Speeches For 2023

Eddie Pinero is an international speaker, video producer and the Founder of Your World Within. His goal is to inspire others to live their best lives. Continue reading

1/10/23 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: The Eagle Mentality

  Mentality of the Eagle that can help and actually change our daily living if we apply it in our real life. Continue reading

1//3/22 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: T.D.Jakes- How To Overcome Fear

T.D. Jakes share his ideas in overcoming fear.  Continue reading

12/27/22 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY:Chadwick Boseman- God Has A Plan For You

Chadwick Boseman, star of Black Panther provides words of inspiration to college graduates about finding purpose in life.  Continue reading

12/20/22 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: James Baldwin and Paul Weiss Debate Discrimination In America (The Dick Cavett Show 5/16/69 )

James Baldwin and Yale Professor, Paul Weiss get engaged in a debate on the issue of racial discrimination in the USA. Continue reading

12/13/22 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: Caleb Williams Thanks His Parents & His High School Coach In Heisman Speech | ESPN College Football

In his speech after winning the 2022 Heisman Trophy, Caleb Williams thanks his high school coach and parents for what they did for him. His speech has a inspirational notation for the next generation. Continue reading

11/29/22 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: 45 Life Lessons

These life lessons were actually written by Regina Brett on the night before her 45th birthday after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Continue reading

11/1/22 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: The Trevor Noah Story

Lesley Stahl speaks with “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah about growing up in apartheid-era South Africa and his career as a standup comedian. Continue reading

10/18/22 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: Discipline Your Thoughts – Motivational Speech

Self-Discipline is a powerful attribute to have, yet challenging to obtain.Self-Discipline is the ability to do whatever it takes to overcome obstacles and reach your goals, even when it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. It may involve saying: No to things you want or saying: Yes to things you hate, but with… Continue reading

8/9/22 O&A NYC INSPIRATIONAL TUESDAY: Muhammad Ali Funeral | Billy Crystal Imitates Ali

Billy Crystal Imitates Ali at the Late Boxer’s Funeral | Watch the actor pretend to trash-talk George Foreman as Ali would have done. Continue reading

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