2/11/18 O&A NYC VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL: Quick and Easy Red Velvet Pancakes


Red Velvet Pancakes makes a perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast treat. Here is a simple recipe that does from griddle to table in about 10 minutes.     Continue reading

2/11/16 O&A NYC VALENTINE SPECIAL: Champagne- Sorbet Floats


Two major adult breakfast perks are drinking champagne and eating ice cream (or in this case, sorbet). Champagne cocktails are a celebration of our adult independence, not to mention a gateway aphrodisiac to the “Morning Mambo”.   Enjoy it immediately with a few sips and a spoon, or let the sorbet melt into the champagne, creating an ice-cold, sweet drink. This cocktail gets more fruity as it melts. This float is reminiscent of a Bellini, made just slightly tart with the addition of lemon sorbet.

1 pint lemon sorbet
1 pint raspberry sorbet
1 (750-milliliter) bottle champagne, chilled

1. Put a small scoop of the lemon sorbet into each of 8 glasses. Top with a small scoop of the raspberry sorbet. Slowly fill the glasses with the champagne. Serve immediately. Serves 8

Recipe by Joy Wilson rom Homemade Decadence