11/4/16 O&ANYC WITH WaleStylez FASHION Sneaker Con NYC Ends Today

By Adewale Adekanbi 


Sneaker Con the two day event at New York City’s Davits Center North, 608 West 40th Street ends today.  

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2/22/16 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez- FASHION: Man Slashed In Front Of Supreme In Soho

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr.


Supreme clothing and skate shop launched the first wave of the much-anticipated  Spring/Summer collection at its New York City store on Thursday, February 18. And as with every new Supreme Thursday release hundreds of eager customers lined up early  to purchase the limited number of Supreme clothing being sold.


Due to the imbalanced supply and demand ratio Supreme has become a sort after  urban-wear brand, it has also develop a lucrative re-sale market. This has made the Thursday Supreme clothing releases and big sneaker campouts  the ideal environment for unlawful and predatory activity. In the past violence and unsafe conditions due to overcrowding and inadequate security has led to the shut down of scheduled releases. 


On Thursday a 21-year-old young man was slashed in the face as he left the store with his purchase, and witnesses say that the attacker accused the victim of cutting the line earlier. The victim had waited in line since the previous night and did not cut the line; it seems that the security company hired by Supreme was allegedly lacking. Although Supreme is not a sneaker retailer it has develop a strong following among sneaker culture aficionados.

The re-sale value of the garments and sneakers have been known to double, triple and sometime quadruple the price, which has led to low-lifes preying of patrons and ruining the spirit of the urban wear mystic. The retailers and manufactures have to share part of the responsibility for the mayhem- it is their marketing and deliberate short stocking to create hype , which has contributed to the present chaotic situation.  


Police have identified a person of interest. The coward was spotted on subway surveillance camera fleeing the scene shortly after the attack. Because of the camaraderie and fierce loyalty among the urban/street wear community lets hope the police find this guy first.

Supreme Patron Slashed During Clothing Release

1/19/16 O&A NYC With WaleStylez- Fashion: The Secret Sneaker Market— And Why It Matters by Josh Luber


Josh Luber is a “sneakerhead,” a collector of rare or limited sneakers. With their insatiable appetite for exclusive sneakers, these tastemakers drive marketing and create hype for the brands they love, specifically Nike, which absolutely dominates the multi-billion dollar secondary market for sneakers. Luber’s company, Campless, collects data about this market and analyzes it for collectors and investors. In this talk, he takes us on a journey into this complicated, unregulated market and imagines how it could be a model for a stock market for commerce. Continue reading