1/16/19 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez MOVIE TRAILER: High Life | Official Trailer HD | A24

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr

The new trailer for High Life has surfaced, showcasing Robert Pattinson,Andre Benjamin, Juliette Binoche as a mad scientist with André 3000 as a criminal launched into space.  Continue reading

1/2/19 O&A NYC SONG OF THE DAY TRIBUTE: Micheal Jackson – Billie Jean

Billie Jean was a released by Epic Record on January 2, 1983 as the second single from his sixth studio album, Thriller. It was written and composed by Michael Jackson, and produced by Quincy Jones Continue reading

10/31/18 O&A NYC HALLOWEEN MORNING FUNNIES: Barack Obama Singing Thriller by Michael Jackson

Barack Obama is a man of many talents. Today, Halloween, he brings us his interpretation of Micheal Jackson’s Thriler. Continue reading

10/31/18 O&A NYC HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Michael Jackson – Thriller

Thriller, Michael Jackson’s 1984 music video directed by John Landis and written by Landis and Jackson.   Continue reading

3/4/18 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez MOVIE TRAILER: Breaking In – Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke Thriller Movie HD

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr

Next Mother’s Day, Gabrielle Union stars as a woman who will stop at nothing to rescue her two children being held hostage in a house designed with impenetrable security.  Continue reading

7/3/17 O&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: “FLOAT” – A Short Film (Just For The Thrill Of It)

Mikey Murphy is a multi-hyphenate actor, writer, director, and producer. His career began on YouTube making short films, narratives, and video blogs for over 1.2 million viewers and later transitioned into acting/directing traditional films and television. Continue reading

6/27/17 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez MOVIE TRAILER: THE FOREIGNER: Official Trailer

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr.

The Foreigner is an upcoming action, thriller film directed by Martin Campbell, based on the 1992 novel The Chinaman written by Stephen Leather. The British-Chinese co-production stars Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Liu Tao and Katie Leung. Continue reading

1/26/17 O&A WITH WaleStylez MOVIE TRAILER: John Wick: Chapter 2

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr.

John Wick: Chapter 2 is an upcoming action and thriller film. Its a sequel to the year-2014 movie John Wick: Chapter1. The movie was written by Derek Kolstad and directed by Chad Stahelski Continue reading

5/2/16 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez FILM PREVIEW: Marauders- A Crime Thriller Starring Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr.


Bruce Willis returns to the big screen in Marauders an action crime-thriller film directed by Steven C. Miller and written by Michael Cody and Chris Sivertson. In addition to Willis the film stars Christopher Meloni, Dave Bautista, and Adrian Grenier.

Continue reading

3/30/16 Wildin Out Wednesday- The Legion Extraordinary Dance Season 2: Mark Of The Ox (Part One)- Episode 4

wildin out wednesday


The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, commonly called The LXD, depicts two groups of rival dancers: The Alliance of the Dark who are the villains and The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, the heroes. Both groups discover they have superpowers referred to as “the Ra” through their dance abilities. The entire story takes place over hundreds of years, beginning in the 1920s up to the year 3000.

THE LXD SEASON 2: Mark Of The Ox- Episode 4

Jon M. Chu, created, directed and produced the series  inspired  by Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Smooth Criminal music videos and by the dancers he met while filming the movie Step Up 2: The Streets. He has described the show as “balletic”, “operatic”, “high quality” and a “Justice League of Dance.