3/20/15 O&A Shall We Dance Friday: Bones The Machine


Shall We Dance



Steven Hill, aka Bones The Machine is a Flex dancer, actor and model. He performs jaw-dropping style of dance that originated from Jamaican brukup, and is rooted in the streets of east Brooklyn. The dance, which consists mainly of shapes you form with your arms, is called ‘Bone Breaking’ as it really looks like Steven has traded his skeleton for some sort of elastic gum. Bones has spent several years to develop his unique technique where he mixes contortion and improvisation with other styles from parallel dance movements such as tutting, popping, connecting and waving – and even a bit of ballet.


Steven Hill, aka Bones The Machine

NY Reppin’ feat. Bones Hill, Dollaz, Sam Iam (Flexing & Bone Breaking) Battle Stars


Bones The Machine & DJ Aaron 2015 Park Armory

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  1. Thank You for sharing this form of dance, which is very different in it’s form from what I have seen. Im always amazed of what our bodies can do. i enjoyed their Art of Movements, Eleanor

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