5/29/24 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ DANCE PARTY: Bogle Special and Bogle/Delly Ranks/Voicemail ~ Weh Di Time

Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy aka Mr. Wacky, at Rose’s Corner, Kingston Jamaica 2005. Bogle was the first to make a name for himself as a Dancehall Dancer/Choreographer, who created as many dance moves, as moving as  many to dance.Bogle features on the video clip Weh Di Time, with Delly Ranks and Voicemail. Tragically Bogle was killed. Continue reading

5/22/24 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ DANCE PARTY: BattleFest | Droid vs Arsenal

Droid versus Arsenal at Battlefest Arena was a top tier battle last season. We have Droid bringing Popeye to life, filling his can of spinach animation and lets not forget Arsenal bringing Harry Potter to life with his wand filled with potions of dance moves. Let us know who think won this battle. Continue reading

5/1/24 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ HIP HOP WEDNESDAY: Hip-Hop Final – Juste Debout Gold 2023 – Les Twins (Laurent) vs Soraki

For the first time in the 22-year history of JUSTE DEBOUT, the most important stand-up battle in the world, the special edition JUSTE DEBOUT GOLD will be created on the big Kampnagel stage k6.  Continue reading

3/27/24 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ DANCE PARTY: Kings Arena #3 Repo vs EJ vs X Wave

Killas session Kings Arena acts as proving grounds to get into bigger platforms in Brooklyn to show who is king of the dance floor. There are three of the following on the dance floor for this session, Repo, EJ and X-Wave. Continue reading

3/20/24 HIP HOP DANCE PARTY WITH WALESTYLEZ: Best Dance n the World 2023 | New Les Twins

Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois professionally known as Les Twins, are French dancers, choreographers, producers, models, designers and creative directors of their brand Eleven Paris.

Continue reading

3/13/24 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ DANCE PARTY: Ding Dong – Lebeh Lebeh

Kemar Christopher Dwaine Ottey popularly known as Ding Dong is a Dancehall and Reggae artist and entertainer from Kingston, Jamaica.In early 2003, Ding Dong created the dance group Ravers Clavers with a group of friends. Continue reading

3/6/24 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ DANCE PARTY: BEASTMODE F2F Belly of The Beast | Semi-Finals | Soundcloud vs Spawn vs Laiden | Ep.12

Soundcloud with the Hat Tricks is showing his style in a dance battle against Spawn and Laiden this should be interesting. Beastmode Dance Arena makes a lot sense for individuals who are labbing for the next big thing. Continue reading

2/21/24 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ DANCE PARTY: Disciple vs Doc | Nike vs Adidas 2024

Roundz Of Flame had a dance tournament, Nike versus Adidas between two phenomenal dancers Disciple and Doc from two different styles. Flexn versus Hip Hop was displayed clearly between the two dancers.  Continue reading

1/10/23 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ DANCE PARTY: KOBK Evil Xmas 10 Trailer

Kill or Be Killed Dance Arena Trailer featured some of the finest Flex dancers such as Intricate, Ratchett, Jason, Riot, Iso, Iseberg, Terry, Spawn, Keevin and Finesse. This was a deadly Killed or Killed Evil Xmas 10 dance battle. Continue reading

11/22/23 O&A NYC WALESTYLEZ DANCE PARTY: The Lockers – Rerun 70’s

The Lockers was a dance group formed by Toni Basil and Don Campbellock Campbell in 1971. Active throughout the 1970s, they were pioneers of street dance. Continue reading