5/28/2015 Shall We Dance Friday: NextLevel Squad

Shall We Dance


Next Level Squad, a Brooklyn-based group of élite dancers who specialize in Bone Breaking.  The dance style has roots, as a technique, in flexing; but in recent years it has flourished as its own distinct dance form. Next Level Squad has not only brought Bone Breaking to the attention of the urban public, it has gained an international following. Another art-form “Made In America”.

Next Level Squad-2-3 DJ Aaron CREDIT Steven James Collins Photography.jpg

Yak Films shot NextLevel Squad “bone breaking”, a freaky combo of contortionist moves and dance, on New York City’s subways. Subway Riders (use to the unexpected in NYC) seem unfazed even by the gas masks. Song: Zilla March by B’ZWAX.

NextLevel Squad “Zilla March” Flexing Gas Mask


NextLevel Squad “Overground” in London


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