11/22/18 O&A NYC WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS WEEK: November 22 through December 1, 2018 (Including Thanksgiving Weekend Guide)- Art, Dance, Film, Music, Theatre and More

Thanksgiving signals the official start of the holiday season. It is also the beginning of the holiday arts season and this week the excitement is palpable. Theatre aboard from City College to Hell’s Kitchen, music brings back the 60’s on the Upper Westside, with protest art in Chelsea; and while the Ailey company celebrates turning 60 in midtown, we have a group of over 60 “Sugar Babies” dancing in  Harlem. Here are a few of the many events happening in the city that never sleeps, guaranteed to keep you Out and About.

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12/30/17 O&A NYC IT’S SATURDAY ANYTHING GOES: Pumpkin vs KitKat | Top 10 Battles of 2017

Flexing was born in the Brooklyn basements in the 1990’s and exploded across the city to become an internationally recognized dance style. The presentational nature of the dance battle share elements with West African dance. The competitive and athletic performance/battle is usually performed in the round, with a raucous audience cheering the participants/combatants. The heavy use of improvisation and physical call and response also mirrors another American art form with African roots- Jazz.  Continue reading

10/5/17 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez FASHION: Supreme Brooklyn’s Official Store Launch

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr

Supreme celebrated its latest store launch in signature Supreme-esque style. Earlier this week, we took a peek inside the store in all of its skate-influenced grandeur, however, with its grand opening having just wrapped, we find it only fitting to showcase the shop  atmospheric buzz and all. Continue reading

10/14/16 O&A NYC SHALL WE DANCE FRIDAY: The League Of Unreal Dancing (LOUD) Mikey vs Ratchet

Shall We Dance


The League Of Unreal Dancing or LOUD hosted a dance battle on their Brooklyn soundstage last April and the energy was totally Electric!   Continue reading

6/30/16 O&A NYC DANCE: A Conversation With Bones The Machine

By Walter Rutledge


Bones The Machine has become one of the most visible members of Flex dance community. Bones style of contortion, illusion, and an urban theatrics has caught the eye of the public, and the notoriety has propelled him and his crew, The Next Level Squad, to worldwide acclaim. Bones and Next Level Squad have introduced their special brand of Flex to international audiences with performances in London, Japan, and Germany and recently starred in an ad campaign with Diesel for Joog Jeans. Continue reading

4/25/16 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez FASHION: KAWS and NIGO’s UT Collection Is the Resurrection of Original Fake We Deserve

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr.


NIGO, designer for HUMAN MADE and creative director of Uniqlo’s LifeWear  UT division, has linked up with legendary artist KAWS for the exclusive collaborative series. The collection, which showcases the best of KAWS’ “Companion” character, is a visual and aesthetic throwback to the time of OriginalFake. The concept of Tokyo-meets-Brooklyn combines art and fashion while bridging functionality and versatility. Continue reading

1/9/16 O&A NYC Saturday Morning Concert: D’Angelo at AFROPUNK FEST 2014


Enigmatic R&B recluse D’Angelo made good on his promise to headline the 2014 Afropunk festival in Brooklyn on the evening of Sunday, August 24.  Continue reading

5/28/2015 Shall We Dance Friday: NextLevel Squad

Shall We Dance


Next Level Squad, a Brooklyn-based group of élite dancers who specialize in Bone Breaking.  The dance style has roots, as a technique, in flexing; but in recent years it has flourished as its own distinct dance form. Next Level Squad has not only brought Bone Breaking to the attention of the urban public, it has gained an international following. Another art-form “Made In America”. Continue reading