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2/10/18 O&A NYC FOOD/SUNDAY BRUNCH: Lobster Rolls

Lobster Roll make an elegant Sunday brunch that will allow you to spend more time entertaining and less in the kitchen. This recipe will show you on how to easily cook lobsters at home and create a delicious and amazing dish.


800 ml water to boil the lobster
1 kg live small lobsters, or you only need a half kilo if they are already cooked
45 gr of mayonnaise
Lemon juice
A pinch of salt
Ground black pepper
Three pieces of hot dog buns
30 gr of unsalted butter


 1. First, prepare a pot and fill with water. Turn on the heat and cook the water until boiling. Then, add    the lobsters and don’t forget to put the lid on. Cook the lobsters for around 8 minutes or until you can see the lobsters has turned light red. Next, remove the lobster and let it rest for a while to cool.

2. After the lobsters are cooled enough, you can crack the shells. You need to do this carefully to pick the meat out of its tail and claws. If you have gathered all of the meat, then you need to cut the meat into small pieces or specifically into bite-sized pieces.

3. In a medium bowl, put the mayonnaise, lemon juice, honey, salt, black pepper and the chives. Combine these ingredients until they are completely mixed. After that, you may set this aside and prepare other ingredients. To continue, you may prepare the hot dog buns.

4. Here, you need to trim both sides of the buns for about a quarter inch. Also, don’t forget to spread the butter on top of the buns. Then, prepare a skillet and turn the heat up over medium heat. Toast the buns on it for a few minutes until they turn golden brown. Next, you may add the lobster into the buns as the fillings.

If you have reached this step, then you have finished cooking the dish, and you can immediately serve your homemade Lobster Rolls that taste as best as the fresh lobster. Moreover, it is combined with a delicious sauce that can make your lobsters taste much delicious. Thus, you won’t regret this.

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