6/6/18 O&A NYC AUTOMOBILE: BMW Self Balancing Motorbike

NEXT 100 takes the analogue riding experience to a completely new level. The BMW Self Balancing Motorcycle unique sensation of freedom is made possible by intelligent connectivity between rider, bike and the outside world.  Continue reading

1/20/18 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez AUTOMOBILE: The New 2018 BMW X7

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr

BMW X7 is an upcoming sport utility vehicle manufactured by BMW. In March 2,2014, BMW confirmed that the X7 would be produced with a likely on-sale date in 2018.  Continue reading

10/12/16 O&A NYC AUTOMOBILE: BMW Shows Us the Future With The Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept


The BMW Group presented its fourth Vision Vehicle, the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100, to mark the opening of its exhibition and event platform, Iconic Impulses. The BMW Group Future Experience, at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.


For the Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept, BMW envisions a self-right system, whether the bike is stationary or moving. The advantages while stopped mean no more dented tanks or crushed turn signals, and while underway, BMW suggests this system would make the bike more nimble, and easier to handle.


Similarly, the bike’s computer understands its handling limits, like vehicle stability systems in a car, and can either suggest corrections to the rider or make them itself. These corrections could involve helping it bank in a corner, for example.

The Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept

4/21/16 O&A NYC AUTOMOBILE: BMW Vision Next 100 – Interior Exterior and Drive


The augmented-reality display will also project hidden hazards into your field of view. BMW’s example is a cyclist obscured by a truck. An image of the cyclist is projected onto your windscreen, making the truck magically semi-transparent.


If even that is all too difficult, or you have other things to do, switch to ‘ease mode’. The steering quadrant folds away and the chairs swivel around so you can kick back and get on with life.

BMW Vision Next 100

Now, this shape-shifting business – or ‘alive geometry’ as van Hooydonk calls it. The armadillo-scales triangles on the dash let the car warn you, almost subliminally, of upcoming hazards by opening to reveal their red flipsides.

The external bodywork wears more of the same triangular motif. The wheels are faired in, so when the front ones turn to steer, the bodywork stretches to accommodate them. At the back of the car, the profile lengthens with speed, cutting aero drag.


At the front, the kidney grille is present and correct, but van Hooydonk points out it isn’t needed as an air intake – a clue that there’s no straight-six behind there. Instead they have re-purposed the grille as a porthole for all the sensors the car needs to drive autonomously

3/2/16 O&A NYC WITH WaleStylez- AUTOMOBILE: BMW and Toyota Team Up For 2018 Supra- A Super Car

By Adewale Adekanbi Jr. 

The Toyota Supra 2018 will be a collaboration between Toyota and BMW. The super car is  going to look like a Toyota, but underneath it’s going to be a lot of BMW that makes the new Supra a super car. 


The new Supra will debut in two years as a 2018 model. It’s part of a collaboration code named Silk Road and will have a Toyota body with a turbocharged, inline, 6-cylinder engine from BMW. The Germans will also be contributing a rear-drive chassis.

2018 Toyota Supra Engine

It’s not just the Supra body Toyota will be contributing to the joint venture. They will be chipping in some cash and sharing some of their technological expertise. Specifically, they will be sharing their knowledge on hybrids, which might not come into play with the Supra, but could figure into the development of future BMWs.

2018 Toyota Supra Specs interior

If you’re looking for hints on what exactly this new Supra will look like, then check out the FT-1 concept that was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show back in 2014. It’s larger than than the Supra, but shrink it all down and you’ve got a good idea of what you’ll be looking at when the Supra debuts in a few more years.


11/13/17 (REPOST) HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: The Hire: Star- A BMW short film starring Madonna

Hollywood Mondays maxresdefault

The Hire, an eight short films BMW film series, directed by Guy Ritchie and produced for the Internet in 2001 and 2002. The series starred Clive Owen as the Driver, and featured icons including Madonna, James Brown, Marilyn Manson, Gary Oldman Don Cheadle and Forest Whitaker. The series highlighted the performance aspects of various BMW automobiles.

2013-05-30_180314 Continue reading