6/2/18 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- ANYTHING GOES: Ca Rio Ca | Spring/Summer 2018

CA-­RIO­-CA Sunga Co. is a brand new lineup of cool and stylish men’s designer swimwear designed by Brazilians. Swimwear that gives you style of Rio de Janeiro native, like a carioca from Ipanema Beach. Continue reading

11/28/15 O&A NYC Saturday Morning Concert: Bruno Mars Vivo Rock In Rio (2015)


Bruno Mars mentions Prince, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley as artists who influenced and inspired him. Bruno Mars’ vocal prowess is a tenor with a three-octave vocal range. Throughout his journey to stardom, Mars was surrounded by the right support, influence, and mentors. His family of musicians started him early on, exposing him to different instruments they played and different songs genres they performed.  Continue reading