11/17/23 O&A NYC WITH WALESTYLEZ FASHION SPECIAL: NIGO, Pharrell and Jacob: The Interview (JOOPITER TV Original)

In recent interview Pharrell shares how Jacob the Jeweler introduced him to NIGO. NIGO  highlights JOOPITER’s most recent auction, selling pieces from his personal archive in the From Me to You collection. The trio sat down to discuss some of the pieces as well as just how far back Pharrell, Nigo and Jacob go back.

His meeting with NIGO saw his life take an uptick in trajectory because of your instinct, your willingness to share someone you knew. Skateboard P added, The idea that you would be as generous to share your friend with me and how this has altered my life and just taken me to the highest of heights, and we’re still climbing. Pharrell states meeting NIGO altered his life.

NIGO, Pharrell, and Jacob: The Interview (JOOPITER TV Original)

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