1/23/19 O&A NYC DANCE/THEATRE REVIEW: 5 Plus Ensemble Debut Performance

By Walter Rutledge

5 Plus Ensemble presented their premiere salon performance on Friday, December 14th, 2018 at Dance Theatre of Harlem’s studio 2. With a stellar core group consisting of Hope Clark, Carmen de Lavallade, Shelia Rohan, Darryl Reuben Hall and Michael Leon Thomas; this performing arts collective offered five works encompassing pure dance, theatre/musical theatre and prose. The well attended debut reinforced the notion that somethings do get better with time. Continue reading

3/11/17 O&A NYC ITS SATURDAY- ANYTHING GOES: Gay Parisian Gaîté Parisienne Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo (1941) Featuring Leonide Massine And Frederick Franklin

Gaîté Parisienne (literally, “Parisian Gaiety”) choreographed by Léonide Massine  music by Jacques Offenbach and featuring Leonide Massine, Frederick Franklin, Nathalie Krassovska, Milada Mladova, Andre Eglevsky, Igor Youskevitch, Lubov Roudenko, Casimir Kokitch, and James Starbuck was film in 1941.  Continue reading

6/11/16 O&A NYC HOLLYWOOD MONDAY: The Red Shoes (1948)- Ballet Sequence

red shoes

The Red Shoes, a 1948 British film based on the fairy tale The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Andersen, stars Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook and Marius Goring and features renowned dancers Robert Helpmann, Leonide Massine and Ludmilla Tcherina.  Continue reading