O&A With Rita Rubino: Building Beautiful July 4th Buffets

By Rita Rubino


Okay, it’s party day. You’ve worked for days, maybe weeks cleaning the house, emptying the refrigerator, slaving over a hot stove or grill. Why not make the most of you food display? You can build a beautiful buffet with ordinary items from around the house.

1) If you do not have a large enough table cloth, try combining a few to give a patch work look. Be sure to use three  or more so that it appears intentional.

2) If your table cloth is not large enough use a sheet as the base layer and cover it with table cloths or fabric.

3) It is not necessary to have full sets of matching serving dishes  if you do not, use as much variety as possible to create an eclectic mis- matched look. Continue this look with plates, glasses and cutlery. Use a variety of shapes sizes and colors. Staying with a theme can also be effective. For example, use all square or oval pieces or all red pieces.


4) Creating different levels is the simplest way to create interest on your buffet. Shoe Boxes, paint cans, and stacked books draped with fabric can be turned into interesting rests for platters on the buffet or bottles on the bar.

5) Having a separate table for the bar is essential.


6) Simple drink garnishes on the bar such as sliced citrus fruits adds color and interest.

7) Whenever possible, pour bar mixers such as juice into pitchers or even glass vases and nix those plastic bottles with brand labels. It will add a touch of class to your bar.

8) Never, Never put chips or dips out in the bag or container. A basket lined with a fabric napkin or piece of cloth and a bowl or even a shallow wide glass will make them so much more appetizing.

9) You can build your own chaffing dish out of stacked bricks or glass blocks. Place the canned feul or votive candles on small saucers in the center and set a metal or ceramic platter on top

mason jars-paper flowers

10) Finally, Give life! Flowers , plants, leaves, fruit or anything organic will add a special touch to your table.

Give Us Lord Our Daily Bread

Rita R

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