5/24/20 O&A NYC LOCKDOWN SUNDAY BRUNCH COCKTAIL: Triple-Layer Piña Coladas

The Triple-Layer Piña Colada will transport you to a different exotic tropical oasis with each delicious layer.

3 oz. rum
1 1/2 c. pineapple
3 tsp. agave syrup
3 tbsp. coconut cream
3 oz. lime juice
1 c. ice
12 strawberries, chopped
2 small peach, chopped
Strawberries, for garnish
Toasted sweetened coconut, for garnish

1. Fill blender with 1/3 of the rum, pineapple, agave nectar, coconut cream, lime juice, and ice.        Set aside. Repeat two more times, first adding strawberry, and then peach.
2. Blend mixture and pour into serving glass in layers starting with base mix, then strawberry          mix, and lastly peach. Make sure to chill each layer before adding the next.

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